Third Party Advertisers

What is a ‘Registered Third Party Advertiser’?

A Registered Third Party Advertiser (RTPA) is an individual, corporation, or trade union that has registered with the municipality in order to publish advertisements during the municipal election in support of or in opposition to a candidate.

All individuals, corporations, or trade unions that intend to spend money to publish advertisements supporting or opposing a candidate must register with the municipality where they intend to publish advertisements. RTPAs are subject to expense limits between May 1, 2018, and October 22, 2018, and must file financial statements reflecting their activities during the campaign period.

Advertising and messaging that does not incur costs (e.g. social media activity) are not considered third party advertisements and are not subject to these requirements.

For more information, refer to the RTPA guides available on our Resources page.


Registered Third Party Advertisers in Ajax

The following list contains all individuals, corporations, and/or trade unions that have registered as Third Party Advertisers in the Town of Ajax.

 Registered Third Party Advertisers





Campaign Life Coalition


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