Nominations for the 2018 Town of Ajax Municipal and School Board Elections are now closed. All certified candidates for each race are listed below. Click each race to view the list of certified candidates for that office.

NameQualifying AddressTelE-mailWebsite
Arthur AUGUSTINE 5 Macdermott Drive, Ajax, ON 289-314-1715
Jennifer BROWN 11 Haskell Ave, Ajax, ON 905-239-2601
Shaun COLLIER 45 Westacott Crescent, Ajax, ON 905-626-3346
Carion FENN   289-275-2509
Colleen JORDAN 39 Anstead Crescent, Ajax, ON 905-427-5084
Ward 1 - Regional Councillor
NameQualifying AddressTelE-mailWebsite
Marilyn CRAWFORD 57 Radford Dr., Ajax, ON 416-358-1154
Mohamed Kalim KARATELLA 5 Sillett Drive, Ajax, ON 416-417-7131
Ward 1 - Local Councillor
NameQualifying AddressTelE-mailWebsite
Robert BISHOP Hiley Avenue 289-387-4367  
Michael BISSONNETTE   647-236-9548
Margaret CECCONET Deverill Crescent 905-426-9831
Christopher GILLETT 35 Gregson St., Ajax 289-314-5242
Marsha Lynn JONES DOOLEY 103 Church St. S., Ajax

Bus: 905-427-3595

Cell: 416-902-7611
Rob TYLER MORIN Keeble Cres., Ajax, ON

Geraldine WADE As a result of becoming ineligible to hold office in the Town of Ajax and in accordance with section 39 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1998, Geraldine WADE will not appear on the ballot for the office of Local Councillor, Ward 1. Please see the attached notice for more information.
Ward 2 - Regional Councillor
NameQualifying AddressTelE-mailWebsite
Muhammad ASIF 78 Middlecote Dr., Ajax, ON  
Nancy HENRY   905-424-5205
Sterling LEE 30 Tansley Cres., Ajax, ON 647-688-4635
Ward 2 - Local Councillor
NameQualifying AddressTelE-mailWebsite
Scott CRAWFORD 66 Falby Court, Suite 1104, Ajax, ON 647-774-5264

Tyrone FERNANDO 32 Dent St., Ajax

H: 905-427-4424

B: 416-804-0762
Arsalan IQBAL Rossland/Harwood

Ashmeed KHAN 12 Seggar Avenue, Ajax, ON
Larry LEUNG 2 Barbour Cres.

M: 647-207-1184
Ashish PANDYA 112 Harrisview Street, Ajax

Kenroy WILSON 43 Ryder Crescent, Ajax, ON

Ward 3 - Regional Councillor
NameQualifying AddressTelE-mailWebsite
Joanne DIES 22 Burden Crescent, Ajax, ON 905-922-3992
Kurtis MCALEER Falby Crt. 905-626-2271
Ward 3 - Local Councillor
NameQualifying AddressTelE-mailWebsite
Lisa BOWER 1 Woodhouse Cres., Ajax 905-686-7509
Pat BROWN 93 Bryant Road, Ajax, ON 905-683-4926  
Joe CAREEN Ontario Street 416-918-6529
Clayton MCLEAN 22 Vale Cres., Ajax, ON 416-655-1047
Matthew POND 115 Rands Road, Ajax

Cell: 289-387-4300

Work: 416-989-6305
Dane RECORD Falby Ct. 289-388-8870
Regional Chair
Nominations for Regional Chair are accepted by the Region of Durham. Please visit the Region of Durham's Voter Information Page to view candidates for this office.
Durham District School Board - Trustee (Wards 1 & 2)
NameQualifying AddressTelE-mailWebsite
Patrice BARNES Haskell Ave, Ajax, ON 289-892-6685 Twitter: @TrusteeBarnes
Shafura MIR   647-779-8240  
Roselyn SAGAR-LAL Pickering Village, Ajax 647-631-9537

Waqqas SYED Audley Road North

Manny WU Elliottglen Drive, Ajax  
Durham District School Board - Trustee (Ward 3)
NameQualifying AddressTelE-mailWebsite
Donna EDWARDS 203 Rands Rd., Ajax, ON


Sadhna LAL 36 Greenhalf Drive, Ajax, ON

Durham Catholic District School Board - Trustee (2)
NameQualifying AddressTelE-mailWebsite
Monique FORSTER 295 Delaney Drive, Ajax, ON 905-767-5146
Janice OLDMAN   905-431-8759  
Angelo PERERA 26 Sharp Cres. 416-889-3202  
Conseil scolaire Viamonde - Trustee

Nominations for candidates for the Conseil scolaire Viamonde are accepted by the City of Oshawa. Please visit the City of Oshawa's candidate list to view candidates for this office.

Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir - Trustee
Nominations for candidates for the Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir are accepted by the City of Oshawa. Please visit the City of Oshawa's candidate list to view candidates for this office.

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