Protecting your rights to privacy as an Ajax Voter

Posted on Friday October 05, 2018
Voter Privacy
Voter Privacy

Less than two weeks until voting opens for the 2018 Ajax Municipal and School Board Elections!

As we approach the Voting Period, it’s important for Ajacians to know their rights as they relate to voter privacy and secrecy. There is an onus on each and every Ajax voter to help protect the principles of voter secrecy and privacy under the Municipal Elections Act.

For example, the law provides that:

  • When you are voting, no one may attempt to influence your voting choices, or interfere with your marking of the ballot;
  • No one may attempt to obtain information about how you intend to vote, or how you did vote

What can you do to help uphold the principles of voter privacy and secrecy, and undue interference while voting? Here are some tips!

  1. Cast your Ballot Privately. Although internet & telephone voting options will allow voters to cast a ballot from virtually anywhere, casting a ballot should still be a private exercise. Find a quiet, private place to cast your ballot, free from interference or close observation by others.
  2. Protect your PIN. Your secret Voting PIN will arrive in the mail, or may have already arrived. Although a PIN thief would need to know other personal information about you in order to steal and vote your PIN, it’s still important for you to keep your PIN private.
  3. Don’t Donate your Vote! If you choose not to vote, destroy your PIN. It is illegal to give your PIN and your vote to another person.
  4. Say NO to political interference while casting a ballot. While candidates and their teams are welcome to solicit your support throughout the campaign period, they must not interfere with a voter who is casting a ballot. Ensure that candidates & scrutineers respect your privacy and do not pressure you while you are voting.
  5. Keep your choices private. Remember that you are not obliged to share your voting choices with anyone, either before or after casting a ballot.

 Still have questions about voter privacy and secrecy? Haven’t received your Voter Information Letter and secret PIN yet? Contact our Election Help Line at (905) 619-2529 ext. VOTE (8683) or e-mail us at

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